Choc O Pain Tea Building Location Hosts Ribbon Cutting and Reception

Choc O Pain Tea Building Location Hosts Ribbon Cutting and Reception
Clemence Danko does it once again. Danko, the owner of Choc O Pain, opens up a fourth location at the Hudson Tea Building located at 1500 Hudson Street. This location originally opened up its doors to the public on February 13, according to a post on Choc O Pain’s Instagram. Although Hoboken residents and visitors were swarming into the Hudson Tea Building location when it first opened its doors, a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Mayor Ravinder S. Bhalla in addition to an art opening reception featuring work by local Hudson County artist Jennifer Krause Chapeau was hosted on April 16 to celebrate the launch of the new Hudson Tea Building location. At the reception, refreshments and drinks were provided for those that attended. “Congratulations to Choc O Pain for opening their new location in the Hudson Tea Building,” said Bhalla. “It’s great to see local businesses growing and thriving in Hoboken.” Danko began her journey with Choc O Pain in 2012 when she launched her first location at 157 1st Street in Hoboken. Choc O Pain happens to be the first French bakery and cafe Hoboken’s ever had. A year later, Danko launched her second location in Jersey City and the rest is history. “As a Hoboken resident myself, it has been a fulfilling experience to share our products and grow in my hometown,” said Danko. The Hudson Tea Building’s location seats 38 people comfortably and offers Choc O Pain’s sourdough based bread, pastries, and cafe items which are all freshly made in-house. The location also offers a private event space that can be booked to fit up to 20 people for a function. “The entire Choc O Pain team is happy and proud to become part of the uptown Hoboken community,” said Danko in regards to the new Hudson Tea Building location. As for the artwork at the Choc O Pain reception, Chapeau showcased “25 Years Ago - Hoboken in the 90’s”, a show containing a small group of paintings along with prints of Hoboken’s factories and landscapes from the 1990’s era. Two large paintings stand out from the collection as one is of the Tea Building and the other of the neighboring Harborside Lofts. Since Chapeau painted these with rich texture and grittiness, the buildings appeared as they did 25 years ago on the artwork. "I thought it was an interesting idea to be able to show a painting of the Tea building in the Tea building, as well as the Harborside Lofts building which is right next door,” said Chapeau. “It was a great opportunity to show newer residents of the northern part of Hoboken what it used to look like some 25 years ago, and how much it has been transformed." Chapeau’s artwork from her “25 Years Ago - Hoboken in the 90’s” showcase will be on display and available for purchase through the month of April.

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