Men’s Health Magazine’s Open Champion Takes Jersey City

A CrossFit Box finally makes its grand debut in Downtown Jersey City. Nestled on the second floor of an industrial warehouse lies 150 Bay CrossFit, a space that has become a home to those that want to get into the best shape of their lives, experience a taste of CrossFit, and become better athletes than what they already are. 150 Bay CrossFit is owned and operated by Andre Crews, one of the tri-state area’s top trainers who won the first-ever Men’s Health Magazine tournament in November 2017, an event where about 100 of the nation's top trainers, fitness professionals, and influencers tested their mental and athletic abilities through a series of competitions. Aside from being the Men's Health Open champ, Crews also took some part in training an athlete for the CrossFit Games last summer. Prior to becoming a fitness connoisseur, he worked as a corporate banker and bartender. As of 2012, Crews discovered personal training and the rest is history. “What made me want to open up my gym was that I’ve always been interested in having my own business ever since I was like five years old,” said Crews. “We had a career day back when I was little and I don’t remember what the guy that came into my class did, but all I remember was that he was his own boss and I thought that would be a pretty cool thing to do.” Crews was inspired to open his facility in Jersey City due to his current business partner, Joe DiMare, suggesting the area as the perfect spot to launch a fitness locale since he owns a CKO Kickboxing franchise in the same building as Crews’ box. After witnessing that DiMare’s kickboxing gym was doing really well for the past five years, Crews was sold and decided to open up his CrossFit box at 150 Bay Street. With 150 Bay CrossFit already opened, Crews has been dedicating his time to assisting members crush weight loss goals and become skilled CrossFit athletes in addition to mentoring members of his staff. He also takes classes alongside the members while a member of his staff instructs. “I actually made it a New Years resolution of mine to train with other people at least two times a week to get more of a competitive feel in my training,” he said. “150 Bay CrossFit is literally a dream come true for me so being able to experience it from the other side taking classes the same way members do is truly special and I’m incredibly grateful to have an amazing team of coaches that lead classes and execute my programming every day.” Crews also has goals for 150 Bay CrossFit before hitting the one year mark as an established fitness facility with one of them being to continue to grow the community’s membership. “A lot of the folks in the Jersey City area have never done CrossFit before, they might have seen it on TV so we have to be goodwill ambassadors for the sport overall,” he said. “My main goal is to spread the good word because this is one of the best ways to get in shape and one of the best ways to fight chronic health diseases that are plaguing our nation.” You can find Crews spreading the word on the benefits of CrossFit and information on his box at future Jersey City Fitness fairs. Interested in reaching out to Crews and learning about 150 Bay CrossFit? Search for Crews and 150 Bay CrossFit on Instagram, which handles are @andrecrews and @150baycrossfit. For more information visit http://150baycrossfit.com.

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  • Aida Toro