Draft of Sell With Us

We provide businesses a great platform for marketing their product(s)/service(s). You can sell products and services on our website without paying a monthly fee or an upfront amount.

How to submit an item?

Get started by following these simple steps:

  • Create a deal by specifying the details of the package you’re offering. Set a price on voucher and specify how many vouchers you want to sell
  • Set a commission rate which determines the publisher’s cut on the sale of each voucher. You need to set the commission rate within the acceptable range specified by the publisher
  • Submit the deal and wait for our email. Once we approve your submission, we’ll publish the deal and send you a confirmation email

How do I receive payment for the sale of vouchers?

While buying a voucher, the customer pays a fractional amount computed as per commission rate specified by you at the time of creating the deal. This amount is retained by the publisher as commission. You’ll receive your payment directly from the user when he visits the outlet to redeem the voucher.

How is publisher’s commission calculated?

Let’s say you wish to offer meal vouchers worth $100 for a discounted price of $50, and you’re willing to denote 10% of the voucher price as publisher’s commission. Assuming these values the math works out as follows:

  • Original Price of deal: $100
  • Discounted Price / Price of Voucher: $50
  • Commission rate set by you: 10%
  • Publisher’s commission : 10% of $50 = $5
  • Amount paid by user for online purchase of voucher: $5 per voucher (publisher’s commission)
  • Amount paid by user at merchant outlet : $50 – $5 = $45 (merchant’s payment)

Once your deal is live… customers will be able to buy vouchers, what next?

Here’s what you need to do when a user walks into your outlet to redeem the voucher:

  • Go to https://www.hobokenlife.co/voucher/ and verify the authenticity of the voucher by entering the voucher code
  • If the voucher is authentic and has not been redeemed previously, select the Redeem option
  • Collect the due amount specified on the voucher, and give away the product(s)/service(s) which the user is entitled to receive